Get extra mileage out of your Easter menu with creative applications.

Many chefs and operators have been there. Easter is approaching and you’re seeking new, creative ideas to entice your audience through social media, newsletters, and press releases. Time is spent creating new dishes that capture the spirit of the celebration, and then, just like that, you’re back to your regular scheduled programming.

This year, Easter can be a springboard to new seasonal menus. Easter items can be cross-utilized and tweaked to fit other needs, and because Easter is a celebration of renewal, it’s the best time to start. The idea here is simple: managing costs throughout the season yet still capitalizing on the yearn diners have for the bright, taste bud-popping flavors of spring.

Reverse Engineer Popular Trends

Ingredients that consumers have become more aware of the last couple years while cooking more at home, such as locally milled flours, ancient grains and non-dairy milks, have gone through a renaissance and are still on everyone’s lips. Utilize these catch-word ingredients in baked goods that can be marketed and carried on to your breakfast or coffee menus.

Savory Not Sweet

Though every brunch menu needs that sweet-tooth main or two, energize your offerings with the power of umami. Though widely present in braised meats and fermented products, many spring vegetables are rich in savoriness too, including carrots, peas, mushrooms, and potatoes. Savory dishes, even those with eggs like omelets, skillets, and frittatas, translate perfectly to lunch menus and more.

Brunch For Dinner

Who doesn’t allow themselves to occasionally indulge in breakfast for dinner? Well brunch dishes work in an even better capacity, with the added bonus of being a little more indulgent than a standard scramble, bacon, and toast. Eggs Benedict, with the addition of asparagus, wilted spring greens, or even a topping of crab or shrimp, is a classic brunch dish that lends itself to an evening appropriate affair. As always, offer a delicious, complementary cocktail pairing to up that check average.

Spring Sports Fever

As the mayhem of college basketball is heating up, other sports like baseball and golf are about to get serious as well. Consider cross-utilizing some of that colorful Easter fare for gameday grub. Pork and lamb are slam-dunk additions to craveable items like sliders, tacos, pizza, and loaded fries. Maybe your Easter brunch has a more casual feel, with cheese curds, jalapeno poppers, and other fried snacks taking center stage. Sports fans will be hopping out of their seats to order app flights, shareables, and dippable delights.

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