You can start to feel that bite in the air. Autumn is coming. With all the great fall events happening in so many different places, it’s essential that menu favorites — particularly items like fries — travel well and stay crisp for consumers.

Coat Season

Within the last several years, french fries have held the top spot as the most widely ordered delivery item. And it makes sense — fries are warm, golden-brown, craveable, dippable, shareable, and versatile comfort food. They’re great for fall parties, sporting events, and business lunches. But what makes your fries different from all the other options out there? Studies suggest that crispiness is what guests value the most, even more than temperature.

So, consider this: It’s important that fries stay crispy longer, not only for takeout and delivery, but in-house as well. They should be able to hold up to toppings and dips. And it helps if they are easy-to-prepare for kitchen staff.

Often, it’s the batter that makes the biggest difference. The perfect combination of the right sound, a rough texture, and hardness is what elevates the ultimate crispy fry. For instance, Lamb Weston® Extra Crispy Fries have been designed to hold up for as many as 30 minutes after cooking. The innovative batter has been crafted with three levels of crisp, so you can select the right version and seasoning for your guests.

Let it Fry

In an environment where margins are being constantly monitored, inventory that lasts and reduces stress on labor can be super valuable. Fry applications work on any menu — including brunch, apps, bar snacks, even desserts or alongside beverage offerings. There’s an opportunity to be really creative in a way that attracts social media attention too; Fry-Day Specials or Fry Night promotions could help generate traffic.

We’ve seen how international ingredients and toppings can transform fries into an entrée base, but also consider how an item like Lamb Weston Crispy on Delivery fries could serve as a savory-sweet base for chocolate, whipped cream, fruit compotes, or candied mixed nuts. Lamb Weston Seasoned fries might be a terrific base for a brunch scramble, topped with eggs, chorizo, chives, cheese, and salsa.

Pack ‘Em Up, Pack ‘Em In

The importance of hold time and maintaining crispiness will be at the top of your list, but also consider how your fry dishes can reach guests wherever they are. Quality takeout/delivery containers go hand-in-glove so that your customers have the best experience possible.

Imagine a guest’s look of excitement when they open a sealed container to find their Lamb Weston Colossal Crisp fries smothered in rich bulgogi beef, still warm and crisp, and ready for them to munch. Or consider West Creek® Highway 40 Fries loaded up with Oktoberfest corned beef, cabbage, and cheese, perfectly sealed in a First Mark® container, specially designed to maintain freshness and flavors.

Content provided in partnership with Lamb Weston

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