Essentials for Any Operation

Performance partners with the industry’s leading non-food manufacturers to supply a comprehensive and innovative range of products that fit any style of restaurant.

  • Cutting-edge cleaning and disposable items
  • The highest-quality packaging and automated dispensing solutions
  • Dependable, consistent service
  • Training and compliance
  • The right cost

Quality Products You Can Trust

Carryout Containers

Leak-resistant for meals on-the-go, First Mark containers are made from lightweight material that insulates like foam but uses less plastic and is recyclable.

Cutlery and Straws

Put the best dining experience right in your guests’ hands with a portfolio of different sizes, weights, kits, and wraps to optimize service.

Food Storage

First Mark offers a line of food storage and serving options: from cups to aluminum pans, and more.

Cleaning Products

With First Mark, you have access to a full line of cleaners and products that help keep your restaurant sparkling and your food safe.

Can Liners

First Mark offers can liners in a variety of shapes and sizes, each one designed to be extra tough and eliminate leaks.

Kitchen Wear

Look to First Mark for kitchen wear, including a full line of disposable gloves and other protective materials.

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