Consumers still want all the great food they’ve come to expect from you, but it will be harder for them to access it at this moment.

It’s time to ramp up your digital and social strategies to make it easier to reach them. And we’ve got your back.

Start by rapidly increasing your delivery service

Whether it’s through your own drivers or a third-party technology, people still crave your food – get it to them as often as possible. With our Spark partner, Uber Eats, we’ve helped to optimize the delivery process. In an unprecedented move, Uber Eats has temporarily waived all delivery fees to local, independent restaurants, making it far easier to drive traffic to your operation. And, as part of our collaboration with Uber Eats, all new customers will see the activation fee waived, along with a temporary reduction of the pickup percentage, among other advantages that should help keep delivery costs low. Again, your patrons want your food, so be sure to take it to them.

Emphasize gift cards

Deliver the Goods - Ramping Up Social Strategies is KeyConsumers buy gift cards during all kinds of significant events, and those aren’t going to stop. Having gift cards available online provides an additional revenue stream, and it offers patrons a way to continue giving gifts that are meaningful and beneficial to the community. For folks that simply want to be able to eat at your place later on down the line, a gift card gives them something to look forward to.

Be on top of your social media game

Use all platforms as a call to action. Highlight information like Uber Eats’ suspension of fees and lower costs to your consumers, but don’t be afraid to be creative and clever either. Patrons may be dealing with cabin fever at home. Reach them with amusing videos and clips. Dive into trivia, games, and contests. Have your regulars send in pics and videos of their own. Everyone will be searching for ways to connect — you can be that digital hub, just as restaurants have always been in their neighborhoods. From delivery to support solutions, check out all the ways Performance Foodservice can help you ramp up your social strategy. We’ve got your back during this.

For more marketing solutions, check out our One Source Marketing Resources guide, or our Restaurant Operations guide for more delivery solutions.

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