Embrace family dining and celebrate Dr. Seuss’s birthday on March 12th with kid-friendly flair. Step into an imaginative world of whimsy and let the ideas of your inner child roam free – I decree!

In a recent study, 91% of parents surveyed said their families were less stressed when they shared a family meal. Family dinners encourage well-being, positive habits, and enrich family connections. It makes sense for a restaurant to include some family-friendly alternatives to accommodate any party that walks through the door.

Use Dr. Seuss’s influence as a creative way to welcome families and upgrade your kid-friendly initiatives. Here are a few ways to elevate kids’ menus, inspired by the books on the shelf by Dr. Seuss himself.

Green Eggs & Handhelds

In a room filled with flavors, both subtle and bold, Where the kitchen’s a playground, and recipes unfold….

It’s no secret that children favor simpler flavors, so sticking to the tried-and-true kids’ menu options is a good starting point for the perfect family menu. Channel these staples and add your twist with fun flavor combinations or added ingredients.

  • Handheld Sam I Am-ies: Chicken salad, grilled cheese, PB&J — these are just a few 2-3 ingredient sandwich options that can be served with a side of chips or a small cup of soup. Delancey Street Deli® Potato Chips are kosher, free from the top eight allergens, and naturally gluten-free.
  • Tenders: Crispy, breaded chicken can be offered as strips, nuggets, or popcorn bites and served with a side of fruit, veggies, or lightly seasoned fries.
  • Burgers: Offer sliders as the perfect burger size for the youngsters’ smaller grasp. Add a few mini burgers with topping add-ons like lettuce, condiments, and cheese, along with a side of fries or vegetables.

Keep their attention at the table by offering interactive meal options. This can be geared toward the more adventurous young eaters and little explorers looking for extra flavor. It lets them customize their meal and keeps them engaged, all in one place.

  • Build-Your-Own Pizza: Offer a mini pizza crust with add-ons like sauce, cheese, and veggies, helping the mini marvels to create their plate.
  • DIY Tacos: Provide soft- and hard-shell tacos or tortilla chips and let them fill with their choice of protein, shredded cheese, lettuce, and condiments.
  • Portion the Pasta: Consider bowls of mac ‘n’ cheese, buttered noodles, or spaghetti with a simple red sauce. Include a sampling of additional cheeses or crackers to top each dish.

The Cat in the Kitchen

With plates full of flavor, nutrition is king, Explore menu alterations, for safety we bring….

Menu transparency is essential to ensure that food allergies are considered, ultimately providing a safe dining experience for all guests. Studies show that nearly 8% of children in the U.S. have a food allergy, with many allergic to multiple foods.

Label your dishes that contain common allergens or intolerances such as shellfish, dairy, nuts, or gluten. In addition to allergens, provide nutritional information to help parents make healthier and informative decisions for their kids. You may want to include information on ingredients and calories in some instances too.

Oh, The Places You’ll Go – To Entertain!

Fun menus for munchkins, to brighten their day, With activities that captivate, an amusing array….

Mirroring the world of Dr. Seuss, have fun with color and wordplay! Play with themes on the menu itself — try different font selections, tones, and character images. Even get creative with LTO names, employing Seussian menu descriptions like “Tenderlicious Feasts” or “Chomplets” for chicken tenders. The funnier the name, the more engaging the order for a family of tiny tornados.

Help parents keep kids occupied with coloring pages featuring menu items or your logo as clipart. Kids cups with fun designs, lids, and quirky straws are also practical and can help the doodling darlings serve themselves. First Mark® Kids Cups are lightweight, durable, tip-resistant, shatter- and leak-proof, and good tools for entertaining smaller sipping patrons.

Now, there are several rhymes on which you must chew, these tips will truly give you something to do. Spruce up your menus and open your door. Your guests will be soon arriving, wanting more!

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