Ensure your patrons end their meals lavishly with our unique selection of elegant Piancone® frozen treats.


Imagine a pastry puff stuffed with Chantilly cream and slathered with chocolate sauce. Yeah, that’ll work. Serving things up family-style? These highly addictive treats can easily scale up to serve a crowd and be presented on a platter.


The Italian version of sorbet, sorbetto’s ingredients tend to be the same as its French counterpart, but sorbetto has a creamier consistency, without the cream of course. A favorite of the lactose intolerant, we offer four refreshing flavors perfect for beating the heat–raspberry, blood orange, mango and lemon.

Sorbetto Ripieno

If that’s not enough, imagine if you combined sorbetto with “ripieno,” which is Italian for stuffed. You end up with an Italian dessert that is sure to impress – sorbetto ripieno. We take whole, natural lemons, oranges and coconuts and “stuff” them with lemon, orange or coconut sorbetto. The presentation is flawless and screams summertime.


Who doesn’t love a little surprise? We have 2 versions of the bomba, an Italian dessert also known as tartufo. In both versions, the formula is simple – combine multiple flavors of ice cream with a fruity surprise in the middle and then dip the whole thing in chocolate. Perfectly portioned and perfectly divine. Our bomba exotic is made with whole fruit purées and includes mango, passion fruit, and raspberry sorbetto enrobed in white chocolate and finished with a drizzle of chocolate. On the flip side, the bomba classic is about the size of a baseball and is completely covered in a hard chocolate coating on the outside. Inside sports a layer of both chocolate and vanilla gelato along with cinnamon coated almonds and a whole cherry right in the middle.


Yes, there is a gelato craze ramping up. Don’t worry – we have you covered. Now, what you do with gelato is up to you. It is showing up everywhere ice cream goes but somehow makes whatever it goes into sound a little bit yummier. Serve it straight up, sandwiched between two Heritage Ovens® cookies, or even in adult gelato milkshakes. And you heard it here first – apple pie a’la gelato. Flavors? We have lots – dark chocolate, vanilla bean, pistachio, hazelnut, cookies and cream, strawberry, cappuccino, and mint chocolate chip.

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