St. Patrick’s Day is coming up on Sunday, March 17th, and the holiday represents big business for bars and restaurants. According to a 2023 survey, St. Paddy’s celebrations are on the rise across every demographic.

Last year, more than 60% of people polled planned to celebrate the holiday, up from 54% in ‘22. And according to the National Retail Federation, total retail sales for the holiday were around $6.85 billion.

The Irish holiday has plenty of well-worn traditions, from looking for leprechauns to drinking green beer, but this year, why not try something different? Create something special and memorable that will appeal to a whole new audience by mashing up traditional fare with a creative culinary approach. Here are some suggestions for sham-rocking St. Paddy’s Day.

Tater Slate

Potatoes are a quintessential Irish food, from colcannon, a combination of mashed potatoes and greens, to boxty, a traditional Irish potato pancake, so, you can expect to go through a lot of tubers on St. Patrick’s Day weekend. West Creek® Processed Potatoes are pre-cut, refrigerated potatoes that can help you save time and money. Available in a variety of cuts, from dices to wedges to mashed, these potatoes come in convenient pack sizes that you can store in the walk-in. Here are a few ways to use them:

  • Upgrade the traditional Shepherd’s Pie with a topping made from artfully arranged sliced potatoes.
  • Use shredded potatoes to make boxty and flavor it with the seasonings and spices of your kitchen — go bold with scallions and a dash of soy sauce for a boxty that leans toward scallion pancakes, or add cumin, chili powder, corn, and cheese for a Mexi-Irish take on tradition.
  • The large-format crispy pancake cutely known as bubble and squeak combines mashed potatoes with other vegetables. It’s another great place to bring in your own signature flavors, like a pop of fiery harissa or herbaceous ranch seasoning.
  • Appeal to a vegetarian crowd with a veggie take on Shepherd’s Pie using mushrooms and lentils, topped with mashed potatoes.
  • Use the Irish classic, colcannon, as a filling for the Polish staple, pierogi.

Where’s the Beef?

Ireland is a meat-and-potatoes country, so we would be remiss to omit the beef! Surety Beef® is a top commodity beef on the market, thanks to rigorous standards that ensure the highest possible quality. Use Surety Beef Brisket to create a savory corned beef, but don’t stop there. Make it your own with these food fusion ideas:

  • Roll up corned beef and cabbage into a handheld, like an eggroll, burrito, or hand pie for a unique and portable spin on the classic St. Patrick’s Day dish.
  • Use beef chuck for a take on Beef and Guinness Stew, flavored with the warm spices of Morocco — cumin, black pepper, ginger, coriander, and a pinch of cinnamon.
  • Take that corned beef to the next level and use it as a topping for nachos.
  • Two words: Irish Pizza! Load up a pizza with corned beef, shredded cabbage, and Irish cheddar for an exciting holiday special.

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