A change in the seasons each year can allow for a menu refresh as well, and we all know that your favorite diners are always looking for new favorite dishes to interest and inspire their palates.

Here are some great ways to market some on-season desserts in your establishment, and hopefully increase your check averages and sales with cake and pie that's too delicious to pass up. Need something that’s as easy as freezer-to-plate? Our Heritage Ovens® pies are the perfect pick for any season, with an array of flavors that are tasty any time of year.

Give Your Desserts a Seasonal Twist

Allow yourself to get creative when coming up with names of desserts. Instead of listing “Pecan Pie” on your menu, calling it “Brown Sugar Crunch Pie” or something similar can make your dessert sound even more decadent and enticing. Have fun with your staff and hold a contest for great names for your desserts.

Let Your Customers Try Naming Your Desserts

Don’t forget that your customers might be creative as well! Engage with your local customers by using social media to run a pie naming contest. Give away a full take-home pie as the prize for the win, and make a big deal about the winner in your store with pictures and a bio.

Feature A “Flavor Of The Month” Special

In addition to your normal line-up, proclaim May as “the month of cherry flavored everything ” and feature a special dessert that contains the flavor profile of the current season.

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