Game recognizes game — the best teams know how to put their top players in the best positions. And with the biggest football game of the year getting fans pumped, along with basketball heating up, restaurants should consider takeout and delivery packaging that presents their food in the best possible light.

When you add chillier temps to a stacked sports schedule, it’s no surprise that more and more patrons are enjoying food off-premises. The pandemic pushed take-home service to be at its best, and those lessons are likely to continue: According to Technomic, only 25% of surveyed diners would likely return to a restaurant after a negative experience with packaging.

The good news is there are plenty of options to help restaurants replicate in-house dining. Here are a few winning tips to ensure items maintain their appearance, temp, and overall integrity.

Quality Lid

The truth is off-premises meal presentation is largely dependent on the actual takeout container. Consumers will connect packaging to your restaurant’s quality, and it has the potential to make or break their experience with your food.

Lid vents are essential as they help protect meal temperature and texture. This is key for restaurants that serve grilled or fried food. Optional lid vents allow closure when the vent is not needed. Clover™ containers, for example, help maintain meal freshness by allowing steam to escape the container via the vent. They can also be stored in the refrigerator, reheated in the microwave, and placed neatly in the dishwasher for reuse.

First impressions begin before your guests even remove the lid or open a container. Containers with transparent lids give consumers superior dish visualization, and restaurant staff can easily view the accuracy of meals and make necessary changes. With a clear, vented top and black base, ProView™ is a leak-resistant, premium quality container that delivers a superior view.

Travels Well on the Road

The road to a consumer’s home from a restaurant can be daunting. Speed bumps and harsh breaking can turn a great meal into an unintended mess. When selecting a foodservice container, consider items designed with durability in mind. ProView and renewable Harvest® Fiber lines contain features that are specifically engineered to travel well and help restaurants produce positive customer experiences.

If your sides and mains are in the same container, keeping food from sliding around during transport is a major play, so that once the guest finally lifts the lid, they’re not met with a messy meal. ProView Close-Off containers have compartmentalized lids that keep sides and mains intact, so food doesn’t merge during travel.

Fumble Resistant

Spills in a takeout bag or leaky containers are like fumbling in the redzone, unforced errors that can damage the experience. Composed of strong polypropylene, Clover is a leak-resistant, easily stackable line of foodservice containers suitable for hot and cold food applications.

First Mark® carry out containers feature leak-resistant single and compartmented trays and lids for neat and easy transport. These containers are made from light-weight material that insulates like foam but uses 30% less plastic. They are microwavable, recyclable, and stackable for space savings. Eco-interested consumers will also appreciate that Harvest Fresh containers are compostable, contain no added PFAS, and are BPI and USDA BioPreferred Certified.

It's almost gametime, and guests are looking for delicious restaurant-quality food wherever they are watching sports. The right takeout/delivery packaging can help set you up for success.

Content provided in collaboration with Genpak®.

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