Summer fun is all about tasty indulgence, whether it’s little Timmy’s face covered in ice cream or dad’s beard coated in sticky BBQ sauce. The right napkin dispenser system can save time, reduce waste, maximize counter space, and promote hygiene, so the dog isn’t licking up a family mess, post-meal.

Between the muggy heat and saucy, overflowing handhelds, we’re entering a period not known for its tidiness. Keep the summer vibes immaculate by maintaining a clean scene in your dining room and on patios, while simultaneously promoting your brand and doing your part for the planet.

Clean Smarter

Spills happen — we’ve all seen wads of napkins yanked from a dispenser, balled up, and fluttered to the floor. It’s not ideal for aesthetics and certainly not something your bus staff loves to see. There might be better ways. Solutions like the Tork Xpressnap Fit® Napkin Dispenser System uses one-at-a-time dispensing, so guests only take the napkins they absolutely need.

Studies have shown that, when compared to tall-fold napkin dispensers, the Xpressnap Fit can cut unused napkins thrown away by more than 50%, reducing waste and re-filling time, while keeping unused napkins away from dirt and moisture, with a closed system ideal for outdoor dining spaces. Plus, smaller, compressed refill packs also help cut inventory space by half, so you’ve got more storage for the things you really need.

Window of Opportunity

Maybe you haven’t been able to find dispenser systems that fit your ambiance. Or you’re frustrated by tabletop clutter in an effort to provide as much info to guests as possible. With inventive items like the Xpressnap AD-a-Glance® feature, you can leverage a digital DIY online marketing tool that shares messages on dispensers as well as on your social media channels.

AD-a-Glance enables you to design your own message insert or choose from a variety of user-friendly templates — with vibrant images greeting guests, anytime they grab a napkin. The tool can help you promote weekly specials, highlight new menu items, or spotlight events. You can even showcase your brand by reinforcing your mission, honoring team members, and calling out your loyalty program.

Through AD-a-Glance, you can create ad space for local community partnerships or shout out co-sponsorships with complementary businesses. According to research, a third of patrons will check out the AD-a-Glance promotion, and as many as 10% are likely to take up the offer — a sizable number, especially without the need for an outside agency.

Sustain & Gain

By utilizing a state-of-the-art napkin system, you can save on labor time. For instance, the Xpressnap Fit provides the ability to serve more than two times as many guests between refills, when compared to a traditional napkin dispenser. Its specially-designed fold makes the first napkin easy to grab after the dispenser is refilled, and a level indicator shows when it’s time to refill for 100% napkin availability.

Most importantly, products like Tork Xpressnap Fit napkins are made with 100% recyclable material. They are EcoLogo certified, as well as compostable, so that guests feel like your restaurant aligns with their values of sustainability and eco-friendly operations.

It’s about to get messy out there in the summer heat, in the best possible ways. Be ready to help support guests with napkin systems that cut down on waste, protect the environment, and promote your brand.

**Content provided in collaboration with Essity.

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