There’s a famous comedy routine about words you can’t say. In the restaurant world, ready’s not one of them.

Table’s ready, order’s ready, ready-to-use — ready is not only not a bad word, it’s indispensable to how a restaurant does business. With so many factors impacting your bottom line: costs, labor, inventory shelf life, and sustainability; ready should be a tasty, and useful part of your BOH lexicon.

Fans of Flavor

Every piece of research suggests that today’s consumers are drawn to complex flavors and seasonings. Menu excitement is often less about luxurious items, and more about your own unique take on a dish — something guests must have in your dining room and a signature stimulus for repeat visits.

Perhaps the drawing card is seasonal, like a light, zesty MINOR’S® Pineapple Jalapeno Sauce, drizzled over salmon to add a touch of sweet heat to your outdoor dining menu. Or, you mix MINOR’S Harissa Sauce with mayo or Greek yogurt for a vibrant dipping sauce, perfect when dunking grilled veggies or seasoned fries with friends. These on-trend ingredients are also certified vegan and vegetarian, so you can serve all guest profiles, as well as tested ready-to-eat with no high fructose corn syrup.

Ready Freddy

Ready-to-use sauces from industry names, such as MINOR’S, are what the title suggests. There’s no chopping necessary; no slow cooking; no diluting. Simply open the bottle and work your magic in the ways that fit your brand.

Deploy the quality sauces as they are, or combine with other ingredients on hand, for something truly innovative. Make vinaigrettes and dressings by whisking oil into chile garlic or a zesty orange sauce. Create a flavorful pickling agent by adding to vinegar, salt, and water. Then boil and steep with yummy veggies. Toss in fresh fruit for a multi-dimensional chutney. Even infuse your preferred liqueur to craft a next-level dessert. Use what works for your kitchen and concept.


Let’s talk international ingredients — because the bold flavors of countries around the world are only growing in popularity among modern diners. How’s this for bonkers? Global culinary sauces are projected to grow currently from an astounding nearly $50 billion in sales to an astonishing $67.5 billion by 2032. Time to get adventurous y’all!

In addition to harissa, a hot chili pepper paste native to the Maghreb region of northwest Africa, get inspired by authentic Indian flavors, using speed-scratch flavor concentrates from MINOR’S. Play around with adding a Fire Roasted Poblano Concentrate into white queso to create a spicy, Latin-influenced cheese dip. And it’s so easy to create a blend of potatoes, rice, and tangy mayo with Roasted Garlic Concentrate for an instant Tuscan summer profile.

Ready-to-use sauces have a slew of benefits that are so practical in kitchens, we’re pretty sure even your chef is allowed to use the word. Ready to roll!

**Content provided in collaboration with Nestlé Professional

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