Families are constantly on the go, and the hustle doesn't stop once school's out for summer. Vacations, family events, and summer sports trips mean that sometimes meals happen on the fly!

But on-the-go shouldn't mean less-than — parents still want restaurant-quality food for their kids — and themselves! Depending on your concept — especially if it’s a c-store or entertainment-based entity like a bowling alley, mini golf, or water park — ensure your menu can offer items suitable for travel, and you'll be a saving grace to those dining on the highway.

Pitch It Perfect

The first step is establishing your place as the spot that has it all — and that includes restaurant-quality food at a grab-n-go pace. Have a menu that you market as a travel-friendly takeout brand. Let it focus on your preferred category, like fried chicken or tacos, and make it limited enough for simplicity with big family orders. Post the offerings on your socials and possibly even online ordering systems to make a fast order from the road a breeze.

Be considerate with packaging too: How can you convey restaurant-quality through the cutlery, containers, and napkins? You want your branding to be colorful, fun, and memorable. Are there any sources for all-and-the-above foodservice programs? Performance has a series of turnkey partner programs, complete with branded packaging, to turn your place into a pizzeria, taqueria, or deli — just like that.

Beyond Burgers

Anyone can grab a bag full of burgers and fries from any number of fast-food joints, but folks are craving more — and better.

BBQ has a different distinction depending on where you're at, and perhaps that's why it's a great road trip meal. Regional curiosity is piqued, and the answers lie somewhere between the bun.

With Tru-Q BBQ®, your establishment can get loaded up in one click and have everything you need for a top-notch BBQ service — from brisket and pulled pork, to all the fixins, like slaw and jalapeños. Tru-Q also offers seven incredible sauces, including Moonshine and Carolina options, as well as a Jala-Mango sauce that provides that sweet/spicy kick that's all the rage.

Cater to Convenience

Many travelers like to make as few stops as possible, and if they need gas, new sunglasses, or a caffeine fix, why not fill the family up with a delicious meal at the same time?

With made-to-order menus featuring flavors that span the globe, Performance one-stop shop programs allow operators to offer festive food that will be a happy surprise for guests and bring them back, again and again for more. Perfectly Southern®, for example, offers everything you need to execute a full, authentic Southern fried chicken meal, from breaded chicken, biscuits, and mac & cheese to equipment, marketing support, and point-of-sale. Fried chicken and hushpuppies over trail mix and jerky? Yes, please!

Remember, people may be on the go, but they will go out of their way for quality food to take along with them. Make it a meal to remember, and you can become a mainstay as they embark on their next journey — wherever that road may lead.

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