This fall, as trends in hiring and employee retention continue to evolve, here are some strategies to ensure your restaurant's staffing process is as seamless as the changing seasons.

Schedule to Year’s End

Stay ahead of the game and address your anticipated fall and holiday schedule now with staff. While restaurant schedules change weekly, an upfront conversation can ensure that you and your staff are prepared. Plus, you will set expectations and gain insights into the coverage you have, or may not have, as the holidays approach.

Audit Current Roles

Align your hiring efforts with your restaurant’s immediate needs. Begin by evaluating the current roles in your location. Are there roles that are not working, or vacant roles that need to be filled before the holiday season? Can certain roles be combined to maximize efficiency? Determine which positions are covered for fall and holiday demands and if adjustments are required for the upcoming busy season.

Target Your Candidates

Once the roles are determined, tailor your approach for your job listing. Craft customized assessments for each role, highlighting the specific attributes and skills you're seeking. It’s important to be specific on the criteria, particularly if your service implements ATS (applicant tracking systems) to match the best applicants. The more detailed you are in your descriptions, the better fit you'll find.

Emphasize Work Culture

You have worked hard to create a positive and inclusive work environment. Emphasize the culture you’ve created and the expectations of all staff regarding how to respect and support others in your restaurant. Encourage open communication, creating an atmosphere of belonging where everyone feels valued. By fostering a positive work environment, you attract candidates who resonate with your values and contribute to the harmony of your team.

Show Them the Money

Show your staff that you care by conducting market research to ensure your wages are competitive. By offering salaries that reflect the value your employees bring, you attract talent that's motivated and committed.

In addition, consider performance-based bonuses or profit-sharing opportunities to reward top performers. This will boost morale and motivation and set a benchmark for excellence on your team. With One Source partner solutions like HotSchedules and Fuego powered by Fourth, you can manage schedules, provide team updates, and even pay on-demand to attract and retain the best talent.

Streamline Application Process

Simplify the application process by investing in user-friendly online platforms. Implement a clean and intuitive interface that allows applicants to easily browse available positions, submit their resumes, and complete essential information within minutes.

Expand your outreach by promoting available opportunities on social media. Consider placing a QR code within your restaurant to directly open to available positions. This approach effortlessly combines technology and tradition to attract candidates already engaged with your restaurant.

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