Small business Saturday is a shopping holiday that encourages consumers to patronize the small business within their own towns.

This event is typically observed the Saturday after Thanksgiving, and allows consumers the opportunity to appreciate the many businesses in their towns whose unique attributes contribute to the character to their beloved home towns. It is a perfect time for restaurants to shine brightly in the spotlight. Here are a few things you can do to take advantage of it. 

Flex Your Social Media Muscle

Get on all of your social media outlets and start talking up small business Saturday and what your features will be. If you typically show sporting events on TV, make sure that your guests know you are celebrating small business Saturday with a featured sporting event. If you specialize in a local hometown dish, why not highlight it on your menu or give out special “freebies” to encourage business.

Make Other Small Business People Feel Special

Invite people who work for or own a small business to come into your place for a complimentary soft drink with every sandwich order. Ask them to show a business card to verify they work for a local small business (remember, a small business is an employer with 50 or less employees). The cost of a fountain beverage is minimal, and it is definitely worth the investment for a little free goodwill.

Differentiate Yourself from Your Competition

Strut your stuff on small business Saturday by featuring all the great things you do. Your great service, great employees, and great food should be at the peak of perfection for all to see on this day. Make sure when you lure them in on small business Saturday you hook them and keep them as a guest for life.

Spring Into the Holiday Season

Small business Saturday is just 2 days after Thanksgiving, so use this as another opportunity to draw in holiday shoppers and people who don’t care to do any more cooking that week! Don’t focus on the typical holiday fare, they’re likely in the mood for something different! Wow them with some interesting and unique dishes.

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