Spread the Word about your Takeout and Delivery Operation During Coronavirus.

Communication is key during these challenging times. Start with the people who know you best, your existing customers, and work your way out.

Email: Your customer email list is gold. Start by sending an announcement with your new hours of operations, along with any other important information they might need. Be authentic in your communications - let your customers know you’re ok, and how much you appreciate their continued business.

Website: Make mention of your new operating hours and procedures prominently on your home page and include a link to your delivery menu. Make sure the announcement takes up enough real estate on-screen so it can’t be missed.

Social media: Tell the story of how your restaurant is coping and innovating under these historic circumstances. Use photos and videos to show customers you’re making deliveries and filling takeout orders, using extra precautions to ensure their safety. Post short videos of your staff hustling to bring their favorite dishes to their door. Be sure to update your Yelp! profile to include your off-premise service.

Exterior banners: If you’re located along a commuter corridor, take advantage of your visibility to promote your off-premise service with large banners. Make sure the lettering is big with strong contrast between the type and the background color. Include your phone number and web address.

Search engine marketing: If your digital marketing skills are more advanced, consider buying search keywords through Google related to delivery, your menu type, and your location.

Overcommunicate to Reassure Patrons

In challenging times like these, your customers are hungry for information, especially with regard to the steps you’re taking to keep them safe. Make sure you’re clear and transparent regarding food safety and handling, as well as your policies for delivery and pickup.

Equally important, never miss an opportunity to tell your customers how much you appreciate their support. Call, email, or text after every delivery (or pick up) to thank them and get their feedback. Consider adding a little love note to every bag going out the door.

Above all, show them you understand their priorities: good food, made and delivered safely.

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