Toppings bring excitement to dishes with taste, texture, and color, and they can also drive sales.

What’s a pizza without toppings, a sundae without a cherry, or a salad without croutons or nuts? Plain and ordinary. Not only can toppings allow restaurants to easily add an artisan touch that grabs diners’ attention, but they help simplify prep, and can add dollars to your profit margin. With a little creativity, your dishes will be in tip-top shape just in time for summer.

Better Burgers

Nearly 20% of Gen Z consumers think toppings are the most important burger component. And while bacon is still coveted as the number one topping, don’t be afraid to go beyond to make them eye-catching and social-media worthy. Take your burgers over the top by adding creative toppings such as bourbon peach jam, black garlic, or Fresh Gourmet® Crispy Onions to give them some texture and crunch.

Seafood That Sails

While salmon or raw oysters stand well enough on their own, adding a little something extra can make them even more appealing to diners — and more profitable for you. Add some color and elevate grilled salmon by topping it with corn and mango salsa. Top grilled oysters with a grapefruit and red pepper relish, or serve up baked cod with a savory and hearty puttanesca sauce.

Sensational Salads

Diners eat with their eyes and having bright and vibrant toppings that are easy to add to salads can persuade your guests to tack on a salad to their meal or before their entrée. Consider Fresh Gourmet® Tri-Color Tortilla Strips for a zesty topper to a spicy southwestern salad, grilled peach slices for a walnut and goat cheese summer salad, or creamy Burrata for a delicious complement to a watermelon and heirloom tomato salad.


Pasta is a blank canvas, rife with possibilities to showcase your culinary creativity from sauces to proteins, herbs, and other toppers. Stir-fry up some crunchy broccoli in chili oil and garlic, then add it to udon noodles for a little something different. Or consider Musso’s™ Parmesan Crispy Cheese Topping to add texture and punch up the flavor of a pasta dish with marinara and fresh basil. Even create a rich and creamy tagliatelle by topping it with white truffles, wild mushrooms, and fresh Parmesan shavings.

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