Spring brings a wide variety of occasions for celebration. In May alone, you’ve got Cinco, the Kentucky Derby, and countless rehearsal dinners. One inventive approach to make a celebration extra festive is by incorporating spirits in unexpected ways, adding them to original, premade, or semi-premade desserts. Here are a few ideas to help whet your whistle.

Gotta Affogato

Start with a generous scoop of Nature’s Best® Ice Cream, and then create warm, boozy cocktails to pour on top, mirroring the Italian coffee-based dessert, affogato. For Cinco, you could combine chocolate ice cream with a Mexican-inspired coffee and tequila coffee liqueur for a fiesta of flavor. Around the Derby, come out of the gates with a Mint Julep-inspired dessert that combines a heaping of vanilla ice cream with a warm bourbon and mint-syrup-based cocktail, garnished with fresh mint.

The ‘Cool’ in Coulis

Adding an amped-up coulis to a pre-made dessert is an excellent way to save time and money while still providing a great guest experience. Sweet Encore® Desserts provide an excellent canvas for boozy upgrades. Pair the New York Style Cheesecake with a raspberry coulis spiked with a shot of Grand Marnier, or upgrade fudge brownies with a warm rum-infused blackberry sauce.

That’s Nuts!

The classic hot fudge sundae provides plenty of opportunities to add some spirits. Wet walnuts are classic ice cream toppings just begging to get liquored up. Soak Magellan® Walnut Pieces in bourbon or rum to use as a finishing touch on a super fun sundae. Or, for extra crunchy texture and a pop of unexpected flavor, try a peanut brittle infused with beer.

We All Float On

Speaking of nuts, another winning concoction could be the classic Southern combo of whiskey, cola, and peanuts. Turn it into a float for an unexpected dessert guests will love. When it comes to floats, think beyond the classic soda options for something unique. West Creek® Drink Mixes are excellent choices with different flavor options — consider cherry drink mix in a riff on a cherry lime rickey, with or without a splash of gin.

Proof in the Pudding

You’ve heard of Jello shots, but did you know that pudding shots are a thing too? They’re a delicious treat on their own or as an upgrade to a plated dessert, and all you need are West Creek® Pudding Mixes and the spirit of your choice. Pair chocolate pudding with Kahlua, vanilla with rum, or butterscotch with Bailey’s Irish Cream. A Mason jar tied with a ribbon and filled with boozed-up pudding and a big dollop of whipped cream just screams “Mother’s Day dessert!”

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