Dessert after a meal will always be a crowd-pleaser but can cut into prep time, labor, and food costs. Save time and sweeten sales while indulging guests with readymade desserts.

Bet on Bite-sized

Bite-sized treats are one way you can not only save time and labor but persuade more diners to order something sweet after their meal since it’s a smaller portion. Something like cheesecake bites or cake pops is a tasty win-win for both the customer and your business, and you can prep ahead of time. You save time and money, and they still get a little something sweet after dinner. Offer a flight of three, each with a different topping. Highlight a seasonal fruit and top with a simple compote. Tap into the current "swice (sweet/spicy)" trend and drizzle with cayenne-laden honey.

Or combine classic comfort and nostalgia by serving up ice cream sandwiches using Heritage Ovens® Maple Liege Waffles and Nature's Best Dairy® Butter Pecan Ice Cream. And since global flavors are trending, consider adding mochi, macarons, or a tres leches cannoli using Contigo® Tres Leches slices for a cuisine combo that no guest will be able to resist.

Pre-made Possibilities

Don't think frozen or thaw-and-serve equates to a lesser-quality product. When foods are frozen at their peak, they remain fresh, and in the case of baked goods, the process of staling stops in its tracks. By thawing at room temp, bakery items are brought back to life and can be served without worry or practically any labor involved. For fall, look at cozy seasonal favorites like apple dumplings, which after thawing can even be heated to order and topped with a scoop of cinnamon ice cream to increase perceived value. Thaw-and-serve cheesecakes are also an option because they save you time and appeal to a wide customer base. Consider Sweet Encore® Brownie Chocolate Cheesecake for a readymade decadent dessert, or get mouths watering with fall flavors like classic vanilla, cranberry-orange, maple bacon, and salted caramel.

Thaw-and-serve cookies also allow you to offer a larger variety without having the high labor costs of mixing up so many different batches of batter from scratch. By ordering frozen desserts to thaw later, you can stock up on inventory, which means less time ordering, reduced shipping costs, and you reduce waste by pulling only what you need at a time.

A Piece of the Pie

Perhaps no dessert is as classic as a good ol' slice of pie, and customers crave it during the holidays. But the time and effort that goes into the crust and lattice work just for six servings? You can create a dessert as eye-catching and delicious as a traditional pie but one that's much more cost-effective and less time-consuming. Canned pumpkin pie filling is a staple in many homes around the holidays, and it should be in your pantry this season. Build a pie parfait in clear glass serving dishes alternating between layers of smooth canned pumpkin, homemade whipped cream, and an easy crumble you can whip up with whatever odds and ends you have in the kitchen. Pepitas, oats, crushed mixed nuts, and seeds are all great options. The only thing sweeter will be the labor you save this season.

Another option is having premade pie crusts on hand so you can easily pipe with fruits in your inventory, create savory pies with leftover fall ingredients, sprinkle with various toppings, or cook up a simple sugar cream pie. And with prebaked pies on hand, all you have to do is serve and delight guests. Seasonal pies like Heritage Ovens® Pumpkin, Southern Pecan, and Sweet Potato give your guests the fall flavors they crave, while keeping your labor costs and prep time low.

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