We understand that versatile ingredients with multiple applications are crucial to your bottom line. Stretching products between courses and cuisines, and using pre-made products can boost margins, enhance your dishes, and ultimately, offer exciting and memorable experiences for your guests.

Multi-Purpose Moneymakers

Take note of key ingredients that are fundamental to a wide range of your menu dishes, such as stocks, sauces, and dressings. By preparing these in-house and in bulk, you can ensure consistency and optimize their usage. For example, a well-made stock can serve as a base for soups, sauces, risottos, and more.

Similarly, a versatile sauce or dressing can be used in salads, sandwiches, or as a flavorful accompaniment to various main courses. Consider Roland® Organic Fine Tahini for a unique twist to classic dishes with minimal prep. While it shines in a traditional hummus, try fresher applications by incorporating it into cookies and brownies, whisking into a vinaigrette, or drizzling over a ramen bowl for a complex, nutty flavor.

Leverage Leftovers Minimize food waste by finding creative ways to repurpose leftover ingredients or dishes. Extra roasted vegetables can be puréed as a base for fish or used as fillings for savory pies or wraps. Leftover proteins like grilled chicken or steak can be sliced and incorporated into salads, stir fries, or sandwich fillings. This not only reduces waste but adds value to menu offerings. If you still have spring inventory you need to use up, that’s another cost-effective way to create summer dishes without hurting your bottom line.

No Prep in Your Step

Ingredients and products that can be used in a variety of dishes can help speed up prep work and reduce strain on your back-of-house staff. Rather than having to prep four different sauces for four different dishes, or preparing several components for one dish, rely on ready-to-use items to do the work for you.

With Roland® Caramelized Onions, you can utilize this low-prep product to top burgers fresh off the grill, add a flavor punch to focaccia bread, or add serious umami to a truffle mushroom pizza — all without the added time and effort. Additionally, choosing speed-scratch, versatile ingredients helps staff spend less time overall getting the kitchen ready to go.

LTO Love

Nearly half of consumers are willing to pay more for limited-time offerings with premium ingredients,1 so build unique LTOs with pre-made products that can transition seamlessly across your menu. Salsa macha is a trending flavor this year, and this rich, flavorful condiment, made from fried Mexican chiles, can be used to drizzle on a breakfast burrito, use as a dressing for a summer grain bowl, or to top a taco small plate.

With tomatoes at their peak, you can utilize them to stretch across your entire LTO menu. Consider Roland® Oven Roasted Tomatoes for a zesty, summery gazpacho, base for a flatbread pizza, or combine with cherry jam and goat cheese for a savory pastry that’s perfect for summer.

Staff Training

Ensure your kitchen staff is knowledgeable about ingredient versatility and techniques to maximize ingredient usage. Hold training sessions to educate them about creative culinary applications and encourage collaboration to explore new ideas that save on food costs.

1Datassential FoodBytes, 2023

Content provided in partnership with Roland® Foods.

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