Bay Winds® Faroe Islands Sea Scallops

The Faroe Islands, an island group off the coast of Scotland, and halfway between Norway and Iceland, are home to the newest addition of top tier seafood items in the Bay Winds® Brand. Performance Foodservice is excited to introduce Bay Winds® Faroe Islands Sea Scallops.

These scallops are world class sea scallops, smaller than traditional sea scallops, but with a big, delicious taste and many versatile preparation options. Bay Winds® Faroe Islands Sea Scallops are wild caught and have a salty and slightly sweet flavor. This one-of-a-kind taste does not require a lot of preparation. These scallops can be sautéed (most popular cooking method), baked, grilled, or fried. Bay Winds® Faroe Islands Sea Scallops are also perfectly complemented by a vast array of sauces, herbs, spices, and coatings.

They come packed frozen in convenient 2/5-LB packages with a 730-day shelf life while frozen, and are naturally a lean food rich in protein, Vitamin D, Vitamin B12 and Selenium.

Bay Winds® Faroe Islands Sea Scallops are harvested from the Faroe Islands by a single fishing vessel and through a partnership with sustainable seafood fishery, Lund’s Fisheries – the only company with exclusive rights in the USA to the Faroe Islands Fisheries. Bay Winds® Faroe Islands Sea Scallops are sustainably sourced, therefore, ensuring a long-term population health for the species. The advanced technology and machinery used on the single fishing vessel, Nordheim, and processing plant machinery captures the freshness and quality of the scallops, giving the customer an amazing eating experience.

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