Contigo┬« Birria Base ConcentratePerformance Foodservice proudly presents Contigo® Birria Base Concentrate to our branded portfolio of authentic Latin foods. Contigo® Birria base Concentrate is the foundation ingredient for Birria Tacos, the new taco craze sweeping the nation! This Mexican dish is taking social media and the internet by storm. From the New York Times to Google to TikTok, The Birria Taco craze is hotter than ever. A June 2020 to July 2021 study found videos featuring the term “birria tacos” were viewed nearly 500 million times on TikTok and featured in 135,214 Instagram posts. The term also reached an annual Google search volume of 11.2 million.

Birria Tacos are made from a savory Mexican stew that combines sweet, savory, and sour flavors and is stuffed into a tortilla. Once the stew is stuffed inside the tortilla shell, it’s battered in that same stew and then fried. An unforgettable combination with every crunchy bite! Contigo® Birria Base Concentrate is a delightful mixture of chili and spices, in a concentrate that facilitates the preparation and yields the flavor of this authentic Mexican dish. Contigo® Birria Base Concentrate is available in 6/ 5-lb. refrigerated liquid pouches and provides operators an on-trend product with fast and easy preparation, and a consistent product every time across chain restaurants and foodservice operators. Contigo® Birria Base Concentrate arrives refrigerated and can be stored in the refrigerator for 90 days if sealed and can be stored frozen for up to 6 months if stored at zero degrees and sealed.

Contigo® Birria Base Concentrate is ideal for Mexican and Latin markets, BBQ and Grill, Casual and Family Dining, and Catering, to name a few! It is also a great complement to other products from our exclusive branded portfolios such as Contigo® tortillas, beans, guacamole, cheeses, and garnishes with Delancey Street Deli® pickled red onions or Peak Fresh Produce® chopped onions, thinly sliced radishes, lime wedges, and sprigs of fresh cilantro.

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