The Pinnacle of Produce

We Know Produce

Our produce experts select the highest quality items from the top farms — guaranteed. All products follow USDA #1 specs or better.

Industry-Leading Growers and Shippers

Peak growers, charter members of the Leafy Greens Initiative, implement the best varieties, packs, processes, and locations. We require state-of-the-art packing facilities to ensure food-safe conditions alongside the best possible yields.

We’ve Got You Covered

Products must meet our specifications before they even leave the field. We employ Good Agricultural Practices (GAPS) as well as Trace Back technology. Independent 3rd parties inspect at our shippers’ coolers, providing double protection. And we take it a step further — our quality assurance teams inspect again at each receiving location.

Your Satisfaction is Guaranteed

Peak Fresh Produce is always guaranteed. The time of harvest to shipping is no more than one day, and products ship directly from the grower to the warehouse for year-round delivery service.

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