Shipyard Brewing Co Beer Battered SeafoodWe teamed up with Portland, Maine-based Shipyard Brewing Co. to create a unique, exclusive portfolio of Empire’s Treasure® Beer Battered Seafood. Shipyard Brewing Co.’s award‑winning beer is handcrafted by a team of brewers who learned their art from a world‑renowned master brewer, Alan Pugsley. Specifically, the Empire’s Treasure Beer Battered Seafood offered in this portfolio is made with Shipyard Brewing Co. flagship Export American Golden Ale offering hints of malty sweetness and distinctive hop aromas that create an excellent beer batter complemented by a slight sweetness of garlic. Empire’s Treasure Beer Battered Seafood wild caught finfish and farm-raised shrimp products are perfect for lunch portions, all‑you‑can‑eat occasions, or any other application that calls for high quality, mild-tasting, flaky white fish fillets or shrimp. Empire’s Treasure Beer Battered Seafood is an excellent source of protein.

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