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Empire’s Treasure® Trout FilletsRed steelhead trout gets its name from the reddish or coppery coloration that can be seen along its sides. Empire’s Treasure® Red Steelhead Trout IQF Fillets have a delicate, mild flavor with a slightly nutty undertone. Its flesh is tender and flaky, making it a versatile option for various culinary preparations.

Rainbow trout are characterized by their vibrant colors, ranging from silvery-blue on the back to a pinkish-red stripe running along the lateral line, with a silver underside. Empire’s Treasure® Rainbow Trout IQF Fillets are hand-trimmed, ready-to-cook, pin bone-free fillets that save valuable preparation time and are available in a variety of sizes.

Overall, Red steelhead trout and Rainbow trout are not only delicious, but also offer numerous health benefits, making them a valuable addition to a balanced diet. Whether enjoyed as a fillet, in salads, or incorporated into various recipes, Red steelhead trout and Rainbow trout provide a tasty and nutritious option for seafood lovers.

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