FlavorSmith™ Premium Mediterranean Sea Salt and Black Peppercorn Glass GrindersFlavorsmith™ Premium Mediterranean Sea Salt and Black Pepper Grinders provide an aesthetic and sanitary approach to the most commonly used tabletop condiments. The proprietary grinder cap is easy to use and always ensures the perfect grind. The premium glass jars, grinder caps, and attractive labeling add a touch of elegance while ensuring sanitary handling of the ingredients—no refilling necessary, reducing contamination risk. The jar sizes allow these grinders to fit nicely into most standard-size tabletop caddies. Make a statement on your tabletop with FlavorSmith™ Premium Mediterranean Sea Salt and Black Peppercorn Glass Grinders. Choose from the tall, elegant glass or the shorter, more compact grinders. Both styles are easy to use and are tastefully designed to go with any decor.


FlavorSmith™ Sea Salt is an all-natural, minimally processed mediterranean salt made by evaporation. It contains trace minerals not found in ordinary salt. FlavorSmith™ Peppercorns are select sun-dried peppercorns bursting with bold, robust fragrance and flavor. Freshly ground spices retain more precious oils than pre-ground forms.


  • Consistent grind from start to finish
  • Cost savings
  • Premium Imported Ingredients
  • Sanitary
  • Aesthetically appealing

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