Variety of spices in small glass bowlsMagellan® Spices, Rubs and Seasonings bring the convenience of a world market of flavorful ingredients to chefs’ fingertips. From high volume core line spices like Magellan® Pure Ground Black Pepper ground from carefully harvested, and sun-dried matured pepper berries that are carefully harvested, to herbs like the aromatic, culinary grade Magellan® Granulated Garlic, or carefully harvested and gently dried Magellan® Basil Leaves, to some of the finest seasoning blends and rubs with on-trend flavor profiles like the unique combo of sweet mango flavor and habanero heat in our Magellan® Mango Habanero, there is something for every chef’s pantry.

Flavor consistency, visual appeal, fragrant aroma and the outstanding taste of these premium Magellan® Spices, Rubs and Seasonings are ideal for quality-conscious operators who value premium flavors to differentiate their menus. These items have been carefully sourced and produced without shortcuts or fillers that could compromise quality.

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