Performance In Motion® (PIM) frozen, breaded, flavored calamari ringsOur newest PIM offering begins with, tender rings of wild-caught squid from Peru that are enrobed in popular breading and flavor profiles that will keep customers coming back for more. Choose from Coconut (featured on front), Buffalo, Garlic Parmesan, or Lemon Pepper, and plate them with your favorite complementary dipping sauce – try any of our ready-to-use Roma® branded Marinara sauces, a homemade garlic and lemon aioli or Village Garden® Ranch or Blue Cheese salad dressings. Perfect as a shared appetizer, happy hour bar snack, served on a salad, or on a hot bar for a grab-and-go option.

Menu Ideas for Breaded, Flavored Calamari Rings

  • Protein for pasta dishes
  • Chicken wing appetizer with traditional sides of carrots, celery, blue cheese and ranch dressing
  • Alternative to onion rings as an appetizer
  • Seafood appetizer platter
  • Grab-and-go hot bar item
  • Salad protein option

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