Piancone® and Roma® Fresh Mozzarella

Piancone® and Roma® Fresh Mozzarella is proudly Wisconsin-made with farmer-certified rBST-free pasteurized cow’s milk sourced within 30 miles of the production facility1. The proprietary cheese-making processes of these creamy, white, and delicious cheeses are taken from family recipes passed down through multiple generations and crafted by master cheesemakers. Piancone® and Roma® Mozzarella are premium cheeses made to order in several convenient formats to meet operators’ culinary needs.

Piancone® Burrata is our premium fresh mozzarella filled with shreds of mozzarella and cream. Silky on the outside and creamy on the inside, these perfectly shaped, hand-formed balls infused with soft stretched Stracciatella curd cheese are superior in taste and quality. The soft shell outside marries perfectly with the buttery inside, delivering a sensation and taste like no other cheese.

Select from an assortment of ciliegine, ovolini, pearls, sliced and unsliced logs, slicing loaves, and curds in our Roma® brand and taste the superior quality of Wisconsin-made Roma® Fresh Mozzarella compared to imported products. Use the Roma® Logs for slicing and layering into pasta dishes or on pizzas, add Roma® Ciliegine and Pearls to fresh green salads, appetizers, or pastas, serve Roma® Ovolini as part of an antipasto platter or dice and add to pasta, or create your own handcrafted specialty using Roma® Fresh Mozzarella Curds.

Choose Piancone® and Roma® Fresh Mozzarellas for an unforgettable dining experience.

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