Ridgecrest Fully Cooked Brisket and Pork

Great barbecue begins with whole muscle meat that is expertly seasoned and slow cooked over hardwoods and charcoal until the perfect pink smoke ring appears, the distinctive barbecue bark develops and the meat melts in your mouth. Our Ridgecrest® Fully cooked Beef and Pork barbecue products begin with the very best raw materials, USDA Choice or higher whole muscle meats, that are hand-rubbed with a proprietary rub that includes brown sugar and a touch of coffee, and slow smoked over charcoal and hardwoods such as hickory and oak (no liquid smoke is used.) They are loving tended to by expert pit masters until the meats are fully smoked and cooked to reveal authentic pit smoked BBQ flavors.

Ridgecrest® Fully Cooked Brisket and Ridgecrest® Fully Cooked Pork makes delicious, fully cooked, thaw, heat-andserve barbecue easy and accessible. The product portfolio includes whole, sliced and chopped brisket, and pulled pork. The whole brisket average pack size is 4/7.5 LB, sliced brisket pack size is 6/3.5 LB. average and the chopped brisket and pork are packed in 4/5 LB cryovaced bags.

Choose any of these proteins for a stellar center-of-the-plate barbecue option, whether piled high on a bun or alongside cornbread, Heritage Ovens® Texas Toast, Delancey Street Deli® Pickled Onions, or any of our branded side dishes. All of our heat-and-serve barbecue options feature 100% yield, a clean ingredient deck, and begin with the finest high quality raw meats and seasonings.

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