Roma Non-GMO Extra Virgin Olive OilPerformance Foodservice is pleased to now offer Roma® Non-GMO Extra Virgin Olive Oil in a 10-liter Bag-in-Box (BIB).

Roma Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a non-GMO oil that offers the quality flavor of a select blend of sun ripened imported olives from across the globe. Its light to moderate flavor intensity does not overpower foods. Roma EVOO is ideal for salads, hummus or on plates for dipping. Use it for sautéing and baking vegetables, fish and meats, making sauces, dressings and marinades, or drizzle oil on warm entrées. The bag-in-box offers the ultimate in convenience and ease of use for faster meal preparation.

The bag-in-box technology also makes for less waste, longer shelf life, greater ease of use, and more economical storage with an oil blend that is competitively priced. It eliminates light and oxidation and preserves the flavor and integrity of the oil.  Packed in a 10-liter bag-in-box, Roma Extra Virgin Olive Oil has a shelf-life of two years when stored at room temperature.

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