Roma® Seasoning PC PacketsFor flavor in-house and on the go, Roma® Seasoning PC Packets are ready-to-serve, shelf-stable, tamper-evident, and convenient for dine-in, takeout, and delivery. This portfolio of savory Roma® Garlic Pepper Seasoning, flavorful Roma® Italian Seasoning, aged Roma® Grated Romano Cheese, spicy Roma® Hot Dry Seasoning, traditional Roma® Grated Parmesan, and fiery Crushed Red Pepper are bursting with flavor and are blended to appeal to a broad consumer base.

Roma® Seasoning PC Packets are most often used to top pizza and wings but are extraordinarily versatile and can also be used with Italian pasta, salads, subs, sandwiches, and wraps to add a finishing touch of intense flavor. With a flavor profile for every taste preference, Roma® Seasoning PC Packets are the perfect way for operators to enhance the customer experience with minimal investment. For dining in, the individual portions of Roma® Seasoning PC Packets prevent the overuse of product and spillage of tabletop cheese and pepper shakers. For takeout and delivery, they offer labor-saving, tamper-evident convenience. Roma® Seasoning PC Packets are smart, convenient, and promote a safe personal touch.

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