World Dock® Canned Chopped Sea ClamsWe are pleased to present a versatile product that not only offers a range of uses but also offers the opportunity to convert from several packer brands to our brand. Introducing the immediate availability of World Dock Seafood® Chopped Sea Clams to our growing portfolio of imported seafood items available exclusively from Performance Foodservice.

Our World Dock Seafood® Chopped Sea Clams are imported from Chile, however, they are very similar to the Razor Clams found along the upper North East coastline of the United States. They are an outstanding value and a sustainably sourced product that is harvested by hand as opposed to being dredged. The sourcing method creates a product with no grit or sand, an expectational yield and a consistent product with guaranteed results. The pack size on this product is 12/51 ounce cans and features 100% Sea Razor Clams that have been harvested, shucked, cut to size and packed in clam broth which helps maintain the flavor of the product during packing and shipping.

World Dock® Canned Chopped Sea Clams offer operators these advantages:

  • Hand-harvested in Chile
  • 100% useable product — 100% Sea Razor Clams, shucked, chopped and packed in clam broth
  • Less expensive than fresh per pound
  • Minimizes labor and waste
  • Quick and easy preparation
  • Provides food cost control
  • Fully cooked for quick prep time

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