Asian Steak Bowl with Edamame


  1. Place oil in sauté pan and heat, add cubes of steak to pan, cook to medium.
  2. Add bok choy to sweat it down some. Turn off heat and add chestnuts and carrots. Toss evenly, add moonshine sauce and lightly coat all.
  3. Place rice in bowl and place all ingredients on top of rice. Spread Edamame over bowl. Sprinkle sesame seeds overall and serve.


  • 4 oz bok choy
  • 3 oz edamame
  • 2 oz Peak Fresh Produce® Carrot(s), sliced
  • 5 oz rice, brown
  • 1 oz Roma® Oil, Olive
  • 1 pinch sesame seeds
  • 4 oz steak, cubed
  • 2 oz water chestnuts
  • 1 oz West Creek® BBQ Sauce, Moonshine