Braveheart Slider Flight


  1. Place patties in breading and coat them.
  2. Add butter on flat grill, then the patties. Grill until crispy.
  3. Place thinly sliced onion in the breading and toss to coat, then fry.
  4. Place buns on grill to toast and bottom buns on plate.
  5. Slice cheddar into 4 pieces, place 2 on each of the 2 burgers. Slice the ghost cheese into 2 pieces and place on other patty. Cut bacon in half and place on one patty.
  6. Place egg on flat grill and cook to over easy.
  7. Move the patty with cheddar and bacon to bun. Top that patty with the over easy egg.
  8. Place other 2 patties on the other buns. Ladle the nacho sauce on the Ghost pepper cheese patty. Drizzle the Moonshine sauce on the last patty then top with onion strings.
  9. Shingle all top buns and serve.


  • 1 each Braveheart® Black Angus Beef Patty(ies), 2-ounce Slider(s)
  • 2 oz breading
  • 1 slice cheese, ghost pepper
  • 1 oz Contigo® Cheese Sauce, Jalapeño Cheddar
  • 1 each Heritage Ovens® Bun(s), Slider
  • 1 oz Peak Fresh Produce® Onion(s), Yellow Jumbo, fried strings
  • 1 each Ridgecrest® Bacon, Applewood Slice(s)
  • 1 oz West Creek® BBQ Sauce, Moonshine
  • 1 each West Creek® Cheese Slice(s), Cheddar
  • 1 each West Creek® Egg(s), Medium