Land and Sea NY Strip


  1. Season NY strip and place on grill, cook to desired temp, rotating to make diamond marks.
  2. Place olive oil in sauté pan and heat on medium, when oil is hot then place broccolini in pan, sprinkle with seasoning and sauté until tender, place on plate.
  3. Place shrimp in a sauté pan and add sauce, cook and toss to coat the shrimp and set aside just under done.
  4. In a pastry bag add mashed potatoes to it and Pipe the mashed onto plate next to broccolini. Place the Strip on plate and shingle shrimp on top and serve.


  • 1 oz Asian Pride® General Tso Sauce
  • 10 oz Braveheart® Black Angus Beef Steak(s), NY Strip
  • 4 oz Broccolini, sautéed
  • 6 oz potato(es), Yukon Gold, mashed
  • 3 shrimp
  • 2 pinch steak seasoning