1.  Flat top corn beef sliders until done , about 5 min. Split cluster and grill on flat top
  2. Poach eggs to desired doneness

  3. Bread eggplant planks and drop in fryer for 3 min

  4. Place grilled cluster on plate. Top with beef sliders. Cover each slider with cheese. Place poached egg on top of cheese. Top with 1 oz. of  hollandaise on each piece. Add egg plant fries

  5. Garish with small ramekin of hollandaise for dipping fries. Serve


  • 1 ciabatta cluster, split
  • 2 pieces corn beef sliders
  • 4 oz eggplant, planks
  • 2 egg(s)
  • egg(s), for egg wash
  • 2 oz hot mustard hollandaise, three parts Hollandaise 1 part Course Grain Mustard
  • Panko Coating
  • 1 slice cheese, Swiss, split in half