Labor Day falls on a three-day weekend for many. And as the unofficial bookend to summer, Labor Day often means cookouts and travel plans.

Some restaurants choose to close on Labor Day to honor the holiday in the spirit in which it was intended — as an acknowledgment to the laborers that work so hard to make America run smoothly in every sector. If you plan to stay open on Labor Day, here are some promotional ideas to drive traffic and make the day more enjoyable.

Offer Brunch

Since it’s a long weekend, many will enjoy extra indulgences on Sunday. Come Monday morning, they’ll be looking for a big, fun brunch to celebrate their time off. If you have an exiting brunch offering, extend it to be available on Monday. If you don’t typically offer brunch, look at your inventory for items that might lend themselves to classic brunch dishes like eggs Benedict, shakshuka, and pancakes; and then create a simple, one-page menu that your chefs can execute easily, and don’t forget the brunch cocktails!

Summer Send-Off

Say goodbye to summer by creating specials that use summer ingredients, like corn, peaches, and tomatoes. Let your followers know that this might be the last time some of these seasonal ingredients will be available, so they’d better get them now! Amp up summer vibes by utilizing your patio space and bringing in live music or a fun playlist to set a summery scene.

Pool Party To-Go

Some folks will want to spend their last precious hours at the pool before it shuts down for the season. Consider creating some pool-friendly to-go options that guests can enjoy poolside or serve at their own backyard barbecues. Sides like potato salad and slaw and mains like ribs or sliders fit the vibe, but take a look at your menu and inventory and think creatively about what would work best for your brand.

Acknowledge Laborers

First and foremost, give a big thank you to your own employees for working on Labor Day. Consider offering a bonus or an extra paid day off in return. You may also want to offer a special Labor Day offer to guests. It could be something like a free dessert or a percentage discount, and it could be limited to laborers in a particular sector (like first responders), or it could be limited to a certain number of guests, first come, first served.

Spread the Word

Whatever Labor Day promos you choose, be sure to let your followers know on social media and through your newsletter, and send a quick note to local press to share what you’ve got going on. Often the press are looking for round-ups for these kinds of holidays, and they can’t write about it if they don’t know about it!

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