In the restaurant business lots of little things have the potential to add up to one big thing.

Whether you're saving for new kitchen equipment, a new set of plates or flatware for the front of the house, or just want to save money in general, there are always ways to improve and ensure you are being as profitable as possible. Use these tips to learn to save in some little places that could ultimately mean big things for your establishment.

Monitor the Trash

Your customers will tell you where you can save money without ever saying a word to you. They will tell you by what they don’t eat. Periodically check out what is coming back on plates after they are cleared from the table. Whether it is checking to see how a feature was received or garnishes that aren’t being utilized at the table. It’s a good barometer of what can be left off dishes and food cost saved.

More Expensive Doesn’t Always Mean More Profit

Teach your servers a little profitability 101 and make them better business people. Teach them how selling less expensive items can actually be more profitable for them and the restaurant.

Set a Startup and Shutdown Schedule

Place signage above your kitchen equipment of when to turn on kitchen equipment and when to turn it off after shift. This will dramatically cut down the energy consumption of the restaurant.

Add Retail Items

One top trend with restaurants is retailing signature sauce and spice blends in your restaurant front of house. Additionally the apparel business is quite profitable. Printing shirts, aprons, and hats with your logo and slogans can be a wildly profitable new revenue stream.

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