5 Keys to Your Restaurant’s Success Today - LIVE Webinar

Join SPARK partners RunningRestaurants.com and Restaurant Rockstars along with numerous industry experts as they explore the 5 Keys to Your Restaurant's Success. As a platinum sponsor, Performance Foodservice has acquired special pricing for our customers.

When: Tuesday July 21st from 11:00 am -3:00 pm Eastern 
(Also available on-demand afterwards.) 
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This exclusive LIVE Webinar will feature five main sessions:

Inventory Process
It all starts with being accountable here

Break-Even Calculation
We’ll walk through calculating this key figure and talk about why it’s so important
Menu Engineering
Your menu can (and should) be more profitable. We’ll show you how. 

Sales Training/Dream Team
Make the pledge: No more “order takers!” Train your staff to sell (and make more money!)

Affinity Marketing Programs
How can you be “the place” that folks want to dine at? We’ve got the answers for you

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