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Our team has been diligently constructing a fresh ecommerce platform that integrates all the features you depend on, within an innovative and user-friendly interface. Our revamped online ordering system, CustomerFirst, is designed with a customized dashboard, intelligent search and ordering, powerful list management, finance management, and other value-added features to provide a seamless experience, accessible from any device of your preference.

Improved Ordering & Search

  • Enter orders quickly and accurately with at-a-glance alerts about your order
  • Smart quantity alerts personalized to your ordering behavior prevent accidental over-ordering
  • Improved product descriptions, 60k+ additional product images, and intelligent search
  • Order across lists—including shelf-to-sheet

Better List Management

  • Access purchase history, order guides and custom lists
  • Custom attributes let you rename items or save them in your native language
  • Copy, print, export, and share lists with your team or locations

Finances at Your Fingertips

  •  Download detailed invoices across locations and time periods
  • Retrieve proof of deliveries
  • Download A/P statements to view balances, check status, and credits
  • Invoice insights help you better understand your data—like purchase history, descending dollar, usage and category trends

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