Datassential’s recent breakfast report revealed consumers are most interested in convenience, cost, and craveability.1 Wake up customer taste buds, energize sales, and brighten menus with these tips for the latest trends in breakfast and brunch.

Convenience is King

According to the report, more than half of consumers (58%), are motivated by convenience when it comes to eating breakfast out. It’s something to think about as you develop your breakfast menu because this is such an important value to diners, so consider items that can be served and eaten quickly.

Convenient packaging is another element to consider. While most consumers will eat at the restaurant, 30% eat on the go or at another location, so both the food and the packaging need to hold up during travel. Ensure your breakfast and brunch menus include items like sandwiches, parfait cups, or something like this Peak Fresh Produce® Garden Frittata. Ensure you have some grab-and-go items as well for those on their way to work or school — saving them time and keeping prep low on your end.

Focus on Value

With more and more consumers focusing on cost, and the need to save on food and labor where you can, tap into the budget-conscious crowd with low-cost items. According to the report, breakfast starches such as pancakes, waffles, and biscuits are usually the most affordable, so those are a good jumping-off point for breakfast menu development. Consider bundling breakfast items with beverages and sides in value meals to further extend the feeling of getting a good deal at breakfast.

The Early Bird

It’s important to be ready for the breakfast crowd when they’re ready for you. Especially for older generations, breakfast usually takes place between 7:00 am and 10:00 am, with millennial and Gen Z consumers skewing on the later end. It’s essential to plan around these times for menu availability and staffing so that your breakfast service runs smoothly and quickly, which taps into the values of convenience and time savings.

Let’s Get Healthy

Not only is breakfast the most important meal of the day, but according to Datassential, 48% of consumers said they are interested in healthy breakfast options. That means high protein and clean ingredients that are designed to help consumers fuel the first half of their day.

Consumers are also looking for high-fiber and low-sugar options. Explore oatmeal, chia pudding, bran muffins, or this Berry Sunrise Smoothie made with Nature's Best Dairy® Milk.

In addition to animal-based protein, consider adding plant-based breakfast bowls and sammies to your breakfast menu to appeal to the vegetarian and vegan audience.

Play Up Craveability

Despite the demand for a healthy breakfast, nearly a third of consumers say they treat themselves to something ‘indulgent’ in the morning, especially the millennial consumer. After convenience, cravings are the major motivators for consumers to eat breakfast away from home (36%). Focus on items with a high craveability factor on your menu, dishes that receive the most online reviews, or dishes with high engagement on social.

Gen Z and millennial trend-chasers are the most interested in breakfast trends, including all-day breakfast, breakfast burritos, and breakfast bowls. Keep an eye on the trends and consider weaving them into your menu to attract this audience.

Eggs Can Go Beyond Breakfast

Diners can’t get enough eggs. And they want more eggs beyond breakfast. Dishes like deviled eggs, shakshuka, salads, and grain bowls that include hard-boiled eggs are especially popular. Adding egg dishes throughout your menu can be one way to appeal to consumers without drastically changing your inventory or placing strain on the BOH. Consider adding eggy dishes to bar and late-night menus to tap into this crowd as well.

1 Datassential: Breakfast Keynote Report, 2023

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