As far back as 500 B.C., the Aztecs were the first to enjoy avocados (or, ahuacate) much like we do now — as a delicious sauce they called ahuaca-molli. "Molli" being the word for something puréed.

Today, a party isn't a party without guacamole. Not only has the chunky avocado mash become our favorite chip dip, its applications span every type of cuisine — from burgers to sushi to pizza — making guac a versatile no-brainer to incorporate into any spring celebration.

Cinco de Guac-o

Since guacamole is an absolute staple on any Cinco de Mayo menu — a unique, jazzy take on traditional guac is the way to serve it. According to a survey by Tastewise, mezcal is a top flavor relating to guacamole, growing by 50.34% in the past year alone.

For a traditional base you can easily make your own, Contigo® Fresh Chunky Homestyle Guacamole comes already loaded with onion, tomato, cilantro, and fresh serranos — helping you save on labor cost and time. Add diced mango and a pour of mezcal to the mix for a smoky, sweet combo that will complement the brightness of spicy serrano and the mellow vegetal avocado. Just be sure your guests know the dip contains alcohol.

For a zesty, unique option sans alcohol, take a tip from the TikTok avocado coffee trend and stir in a touch of espresso, condensed milk, and a drizzle of chocolate sauce for a dessert guac that would pair awesomely with cinnamon sugar dusted fried chips.

Group Guac

Graduation and Mother's Day season brings big groups looking for the perfect spot to celebrate. Offering a group nosh that’s tasty — and fun to boot! — is a great way to pull in families and friends looking to party together and connect.

Set up a "Guac Bar" complete with all kinds of mix-ins. Contigo offers already-halved avocados and avocado chunks, perfect for cutting down kitchen prep. Give tables their own small or large mortars and pestles (depending on group size), so they can build their own guac bowl and take turns mashing.

Offer traditional toppings like cilantro and tomato, but also playful toppings such as diced pineapple, pomegranate, dried cranberries, pepitas, roasted corn and garlic, chopped pecans, and tomatillos. Try to cover all the textures for a well-rounded guac buffet folks can't wait to personalize.

Spicy ‘Mole

We've seen plenty of burgers topped with guacamole (um, yes, please!), but guac can elevate and enhance almost any dish. Avocado is commonly found in many sushi rolls already, but what about a dash of fish sauce and a small pat of wasabi mixed in? A perfect drizzle for a roll that's a step above spicy mayo.

Or fold in some roasted tomatoes and the popular Ethiopian spice blend berbere — a fiery, savory mix of chili, cumin, and coriander to name a few — for a spicy, smoky dollop on top of rack of lamb or a celebratory roast.

Even top the Filipino favorite, chicken adobo, with a guac blended with soy sauce, garlic, onion, ginger, brown sugar, and scallions for a food fusion guests will fall hard for. Peak Fresh Produce® has a full line of fresh vegetables to help you get started with these international LTOs.

Guacamole will always have its place next to a big bowl of chips, but taking advantage of its ability to be a blank canvas will elevate any dish you can dream up — with the potential to amp up any celebration this spring.

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