It might not be the first thing you think of, but gloves are an essential aspect of your restaurant operations.

When it comes to picking out the right glove to wear in the kitchen, it's easy to get confused about which is best for each task, especially with so many options available today.

When choosing a glove, first determine the task you're going to use it for, and then decide if you need a tight or loose fit. Latex, Nitrile and synthetic are all tight-fitting gloves. These are ideal for prepping food, like cutting or chopping, because they allow you to better grip the knife. If you are allergic to latex, Nitrile and synthetic are the perfect alternatives. Stretch poly and vinyl are also options if you're looking for the least expensive, tight-fitting varieties. When the glove needs to come off quickly and easily, like when making a sandwich, a loose-fitting poly glove is the perfect choice.

Whether poly, vinyl, synthetic, latex or Nitrile, be sure you are using the right gloves to save you money and ensure your restaurant is clean and food-safe. The best way to figure out which type is right for you is to ask your sales representative for information about our First Mark and Silver Source Gloves. He or she can provide samples to try while you work.


  • Ideal for general foodservice use
  • Cost effective alternative
  • Slightly looser than latex
  • Offers improved dexterity and touch sensitivity over looser fitting low-density polyethylene gloves
  • Heightened sensitivity
  • Latex-free to minimize risk of allergic reaction


  • Great for general foodservice tasks
  • Tactile sensitivity and durability
  • Slightly better fit than vinyl
  • Latex-free to minimize risk of allergic reaction

Guide to Kitchen GlovesGuide to Kitchen GlovesLatex

  • Ideal for foodservice use, industrial clean rooms, and assembly areas
  • Latex gloves provide a snug, comfortable fit to improve dexterity and touch sensitivity
  • Recommended for delicate work, such as slicing or chopping
  • Available powder-free (PF) or lightly powdered with non-allergenic modified corn starch


  • A premium replacement for latex gloves
  • Best in foodservice where durability and grip are important
  • Non-irritating and non-toxic
  • Tight fitting and puncture resistant


  • “Loose fit” design for easy on/off use when frequent glove changes are required
  • Recommended for light tasks such as salad and sandwich prep
  • Ideal for fast food and buffet serving lines
  • Great for quick service operations such as bakeries and delis
  • Embossed low density poly

For more information about gloves, explore our offerings from First Mark® and Silver Source®.

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