Roasted Red Pepper Artichoke Dip


  1. Take Spinach dip and place in a bowl, fold in the roasted red pepper dressing. Place in dish and heat in oven / microwave.
  2. Take sliced French bread and drizzle olive oil over all of it. Take 2 oz of parmesan cheese and drizzle over bread and bake to make crispy.
  3. Take hot dip out of oven and place on plate. Shingle toasted bread around plate. Place diced tomatoes in the middle of the dip and sprinkle rest of the parmesan cheese over all of plate. Sprinkle parsley over plate and serve


  • 1 pinch parsley, flakes
  • 10 slices Heritage Ovens® Bread, French
  • 3 oz Peak Fresh Produce® Tomato(es), diced
  • 2 oz pepper(s), roasted red
  • 3 oz Roma® Cheese, Parmesan
  • 3 oz Roma® Oil, Olive
  • 5 oz West Creek® Dip, Spinach Artichoke