Pickle Bacon Cheeseburger


  1. Toast bun, spread heel and crown with 1 tablespoon Ken's Signature Dill Pickle Aioli.
  2. Place first grilled beef patty with melted cheese on bun heel, then bacon, and second grilled beef patty.
  3. Place fresh fried pickles on top of second patty with tomato slices and bun crown. Serve with hot fresh seasoned fries.


  • 1 ea. brioche buns
  • 2 ea. beef, patties, 4 oz., grilled
  • 1 ea. cheese slice(s), cheddar
  • 6 ea. fried pickles
  • 2 ea. bacon, slices
  • 2 ea. tomato(es), sliced
  • 2 oz. Ken's Signature Dill Pickle Aioli