Ridgecrest® Brisket Birria Tacos


  1. In a deep hotel pan, carefully lay in the sliced Ridgecrest® Beef Brisket. Pour the Birria sauce over the meat, cover with foil and place into a 350 F oven for 30 minutes or until the beef and sauce mixture reaches 165 F internal temperature and reserve.
  2. Add oil to a flat top or non-stick pan. Take the corn tortillas and dip them into the Birria broth, placing them into the hot oil until they are slightly crisp. Then, add the cheese to half of a side of each tortilla and place 2 oz of sliced Ridgecrest® Beef Brisket on top of the cheese. Sprinkle in cilantro and then top with more cheese. Fold over each tortilla and cook until cheese is melted. Finish by plating up and adding more chopped cilantro. Serve small bowl of Birria broth on the side for dipping.


  • 4 lbs Ridgecrest® beef brisket, sliced
  • 1 bag Contigo® Birria Base
  • 2 lbs cheese, Oaxaca
  • 16 ea Corn Tortillas, 6 in.
  • 1 bunch cilantro, fresh, chopped