Pizza still reigns supreme in the hearts and bellies of Americans — in fact, 93% of us order pizza at least once a month. So, partaking in National Pizza Day festivities on February 9th is a no-brainer for your business — but, consider going above and beyond a quality slice to stand out from the competition.

Start with Social

Share Pizza Day plans on your socials to build the hype. Facebook and Instagram remain stalwarts, but without investing in paid options, you risk getting buried in the algorithm. Plug some marketing dollars in and maximize your promotional reach.

Off-the-cuff short-form video content is the biggest draw today — TikTok alone has 150 million users in the U.S. The more behind-the-scenes footage, the better. Capture your staff slingin' dough or share a glimpse into how your wood-fired ovens work. Viewers want to see personality and authenticity, so leave the heavy polishing to those cheesy, gooey Insta photos.

Consider running a contest to encourage folks to share your posts to gain more followers and spread your promotion — especially if that prize is a pizza!

Top with Creativity

Test out trending — or just plain unique! — toppings to pique curiosity on THE day when your pizza needs to stand out. With a base of white garlic sauce, the Pickle Pizza is the latest that has foodies in hot debate. Give it a go with crinkle-cut Delancey Street Deli® Kosher Dills. Pat dry and sprinkle with fresh dill for the perfect pie diners will be talking about long after they've eaten.

Other trendy toppings include exotic mushrooms, sweet/spicy combinations, and Mexican-inspired ingredients like cornmeal crust, birria, and Cojita. Slice up a sweet and spicy veggie delight using sliced jalapenos and sweet honey. Hot sauces from Contigo® use only peppers grown in Mexico — the perfect finishing touch for any za, spicy or sweet.

With a lot of non-traditional, creatively-topped pies on the menu, one idea is to serve them up by the slice or even buffet style. People may be more likely to try new concoctions if they don't have to commit to an entire pizza. So let them mix and match slices — just be sure to get some feedback on their favorites!

Do the Dip

Apologies to the pizza purists, but more diners are dunking their slices than ever before. Side order of ranch with pizza increased nearly 10% last year. Have a robust arsenal of dipping sauces available that you can unveil on social leading up to Pizza Day. A promotion offering free breadsticks and dipping sauce with certain orders allows guests to sample your creative dippability. Play around with basil balsamic reduction, spicy garlic aioli, or a queso blanco crema. Contigo Jalapeno Cheese Sauce boasts real cheddar and diced jalapenos — perfect for adding a kick to slices or sticks.

Pair with Pizza

With toppings as entrées and sweet pizzas becoming more popular, now is the perfect opportunity to host an exclusive prix fixe coursed-out pairing. Couple a steak and Gorgonzola slice with a bold shiraz. Then try a fig, honey, and goat cheese pie with a little tawny port.

Another idea is to play off our nostalgia by hosting a family-friendly pizza party reminiscent of childhood. Set up a big screen to play a pizza-centric flick like Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles or Toy Story. Serve pitchers of drinks and BOGO double cheese pizzas. Anyone who shows up in costume gets entered into a drawing for a freebie next visit!

National Pizza Day is a party unto itself. Give guests something to cheer about this winter with a full-blown pizza celebration.

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