Soon, a collection of the world’s greatest athletes will arrive in Las Vegas; each looking for an edge to help them perform at their best in the biggest of games. America’s top pizza makers will be matching that pursuit of excellence — cheesy inch by cheesy inch.

High-performance athletes understand that success on the field is in the details. Every day they strive to get just 1% better, and ultimately, those percentages add up to something inspirational. The same is true in the pizza arena.

Outkicking the competition means sweating the small stuff. And pizza experts are famous for honing their craft daily. From establishing the ideal oven temperature, to innovating with toppings, mastering the moisture ratio of dough, or perfecting the performance of their cheese, the quest for the best is an ongoing process. Let’s take a quick look at the cheesiest fundamentals to help you take your pies all the way to the house.


The old adage still holds water: Defense wins championships. Stopping the explosion of prolific offenses throughout the league requires the right coverage at the exact right moment. If you don’t have every yard of the field covered, the other team can take advantage.

Certain brands put a real focus on this principle. For example, Bacio® Exceptional Italian Pizza Cheese ensures products account for maximum coverage — or how the cheese blankets a pie during the baking process. Like having just one safety deep to prevent a big play, a little goes a long way so that every shred and slice melts for top-performing pizza coverage.

Stretch the Field

On the other side of the ball, it’s critical to create big plays for chunk yardage. You can stretch a defense horizontally, but speed and matchups are most effective downfield.

All pizza places gameplan to showcase superior stretch. The most premium recipes create creamy, Instagram-worthy cheese pulls for unmatched appetite appeal. Picture-perfect pulls are the eye-catching, stretchy, stringy, artistic visuals that make a pizza truly craveable.

Heat ‘Em Up

The best way to stop a dynamic quarterback is by ratcheting up the pressure. Giving them multiple looks and blitzes from different angles will speed up their process and force mistakes.

In the pizza world, the re-heat quality is as important as anything. Ensure repeat business with impressive re-heat characteristics. The highest quality cheese, from celebrated brands like Bacio, allows you to proudly display pizza slices and have guests re-heat with confidence as your pizza holds its “back to life” appearance, flavor, and texture the second, or third, time around.

Patrons are constantly scouting pizza to see who’s crushing it in the dining room or at home. By game planning for cheesy traits like melt/blanket coverage, stretch, and re-heat, you can get a championship-level performance out of your pies.

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