Legacy Ingredients, Exceptional Performance

The pizza masters at Bacio discovered that With a Kiss of Buffalo Milk®, you could enhance the taste and performance of traditional mozzarella — amplifying creamy flavors, distinctive stretch, and reheat-ability. Bacio comes in varieties to suit all your operational and menu needs. Whether you choose Block, Shredded, or Diced, every package of Bacio is quality-guaranteed for 90 days from the date it’s crafted.

Premium Pizza Cheese Varieties:

  • Whole Milk
  • Part Skim Milk
  • Whole Milk & Part Skim Blend
  • Provolone & Part Skim Blend
  • Sharp Provolone & Whole Milk Blend
  • White Cheddar Blend

Taste the Difference:

  • Superior Stretch — picture-worthy cheese pulls
  • Maximum Coverage — a little goes a long way
  • Incredible Reheat — slices come back to fresh-baked life
  • Ultimate Precision — proprietary portion cups calibrated for perfect amounts, every time

Bacio Gold Club Rewards

Bacio Gold Club

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Bacio Benefits

Bacio is proud to partner with the finest pizzerias and restaurants, committed to premium ingredients and spectacular service. We salute these valued customers by inviting them to join our exclusive Bacio Gold Club Rewards program, where they can earn cash back on cheese purchases.

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