Braveheart® and Ridgecrest® Breaded Angus Beef Steak BitesStake your ground on the bar, on menu dayparts, and anywhere a customer wants a high-profit uniquely delicious new product that is guaranteed to please.

A little over a decade ago, Performance Foodservice turned the industry on its ear by introducing the highest level of Black Angus Beef on the market in Braveheart® Black Angus Beef. Today, we pioneer our PathProven® one-of-a-kind Braveheart® Black Angus Beef in a new exciting and delicious product Braveheart® Breaded Angus Beef Steak Bites. This is a product William Wallace would have loved and proud to carry the Braveheart banner into battle of freedom for incremental sales.

At the core of our new Braveheart® Breaded Angus Beef Steak Bites is USDA Choice Top Round Black Angus Beef, which is trimmed to a consistent, bite-sized chunk of solid muscle beef. The beef pieces are then lightly coated in a traditional-style proprietary breading profile. The traditional mixture of flour, savory spices, black pepper, and buttermilk powder provides a golden color that lends to various entrée applications. The flavorful, crunchy coating adds to the pleasure of consuming the steak bites and makes them the perfect bite size appetizer, taco filler or center of plate item ideal for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Braveheart® Breaded Beef Steak Bites cook from frozen in 350-degree oil in just four minutes, and remain tender and juicy on the inside, complemented by a crispy outer texture that’s guaranteed to wow customers.

Braveheart® Breaded Angus Beef Steak Bites are packed in 2/5-lb. cases and are approximately 1-oz. each with remarkable size consistency given the trimmed nature of the product. Each 5-lb. bag contains approximately 105 pieces. You truly taste the beef and not the breading in each delicious bite. Be sure to check out SharePoint for Chef Lonnie’s unique recipe ideas that are also featured in the rollout. This product is a perfect low cost, high profit-margin protein that can be used in a variety of ways.

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